All-purpose recommendations

Using engagement data from your user base, Pipeless can generate unique related recommendations specific to a piece of content (even for new or unregistered users), increasing engagement, conversion and retention on your product.

Flexible formats for varied uses

Our recommendation algorithm accepts any type of relationship between users and content, so no matter your industry or how your users engage with content, Pipeless can offer recommendations.

Accepts metadata for enhanced results

Beyond user behaviors, Pipeless can take advantage of structured data like tags or categories to help improve recommendations, which also helps solve the cold-start problem when you have minimal user engagement data.

Use Case Examples


Educational Classes

Recommend classes, lessons, in-person trainings where users view, sign up, like, share, add to favorites, complete, purchase, watch, rate positively.

Media Videos

Recommend any kind of media where users watch, read, listen, view, watch to the end, like, favorite, add to playlist, share, comment.

eCommerce Products

Recommend products, services, brands, categories where users view, add to cart, purchase, save, add to wish list, buy again, share, rate positively.

Editorial Articles

Recommend articles, blogs, content where users view, share, read partially, read to the end, comment, like, add to reading list.

Travel Trips

Recommend trips, tours, events where users view, like, RVSP, rate positively, visit, book, add to cart, share, add to wish list.

Sales Leads

Recommend sales leads, recruitment leads where users view, message, call, set a status, add tags, convert to demo, convert to sale.

Quick Implementation

The Pipeless API has extensive documentation covering how-to’s, tutorials and API reference material to help you get up and running as quickly and easily as possible. We also have a built-in data uploader in our dashboard so you can go from signing up (for free!) to testing your own data in minutes.

More Recommendations


Content Recommendations

Get a personalized set of recommended content based on a user’s interests and what similar users have engaged with.

Related Accounts

Get a list of accounts who are followed by similar people and have similar interests as the account being viewed.

Related Topics

Get similar tags or categories based on shared qualities.

Sorted Content

Get a new sort order for a list of content, personalized to a user based on their engagement.

Other Solutions

Activity Feeds

Getting a personalized activity feed can be a lot of work, but using the Activity Feeds API, you can get the right content to show to the right person at the right time.
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