API for real-time personalized recommendations

The Pipeless Recommendations API is an efficient method to add recommended content to your website or app. Whether you want to recommend e-commerce products or articles or any type of media, the Recommendations API can supply you with personalized content in real-time. Our system supports any kind of action users might have taken on content or other accounts, whether that action is purchased, shared, read, followed, liked, watched, or other common behaviors could be used to inform recommendations.



Sorted Content

Get a personalized sorting of a pre-defined set of content based on a user’s interests and what similar users have engaged with. This algorithm utilizes collaborative filtering based on selected engagement signals and categories/tags.


  • Your Search Results
  • Recommended Results
  • Sort by Recommended
  • Featured Items You Might Like
  • Top Promotions for You
  • Recommended Trending Posts
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Other Solutions

Activity Feeds

Getting a personalized activity feed can be a lot of work, but using the Activity Feeds API, you can get the right content to show to the right person at the right time.
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