Activity Feeds

Following Action Feed

Get a feed of activity using multiple signals of user engagement from accounts a user is following. This algorithm aggregates actions from across other accounts a user is following, to bubble up content that those accounts have engaged positively with.



Personalized activity feeds

Utilizing engagement data from who your users follow and the engagement they make on other content, Pipeless can generate unique activity feeds tailored to any user, increasing further engagement, conversion and retention on your product.

Flexible formats for varied uses

Our recommendation algorithm accepts any type of relationship between users and content, so no matter your industry or how your users engage with content, Pipeless can offer personalized activity feeds.

Accepts metadata for enhanced results

Beyond user behaviors, Pipeless can take advantage of structured data on user content like tags or categories to help improve the relevancy of activity feeds.

Advanced controls for activity feeds

Designed to be simple and easy-to-use, our API provides optional advanced functionality to include multiple follow types, multiple user activity types, multiple content types, pagination, and more.

Use Case Examples

Feeds For

Article Platforms

Show feeds of articles that users you follow who view, like, comment, share on those articles.
Feeds For

Social Networks

Show feeds of posts that users you follow who like, comment, share on those posts.
Feeds For

Niche Communities

Show feeds of content that users you follow who view, like, comment, share on that content.

Quick Implementation

The Pipeless API has extensive documentation covering how-to’s, tutorials and API reference material to help you get up and running as quickly and easily as possible. We also have a built-in data uploader in our dashboard so you can go from signing up (for free!) to testing your own data in minutes.

More Activity Feeds

Activity Feeds

Following Feed

Get a timeline of content from accounts a user is following.
Activity Feeds

Recent Activity

Get recent user activity related to a specific item (account, product, tag, post, video, etc.)

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Whether you want to show recommended articles, posts, photos, videos, products, users or more, with the Recommendation API you can get real-time recommendations to power a personalized experience.
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